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The new documentary The Connected Universe, now available on demand, explores the truly interconnected nature of, to put it bluntly, all things. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart who better to take a trip to the final frontiers of space, time and knowledge? the film from director Malcolm Carter shows physicists, philosophers and teachers explaining precisely how it all comes together. Mr. Stewarts narration brings both a levity and a bit of familiarity to the proceedings, which is thankful given that the subject matter can be a bit dense for anyone without an advanced degree in astrophysics (I was this close to getting one myself, I swear). The doc can be a tad repetitive, but it does a decent job of making the most difficult, opaque of science just a bit more accessible for the viewer. Mr. Carter also makes much use of click for source computer simulations to bring complex concepts down to size. And he thankfully has a sense of both wonder and fun about the whole thing, which keeps audience boredom at bay. And in keeping with his thesis, the director even used global crowdfunding to fund his filmic endeavor. In the tradition of metaphysical docs like What the Bleep Do We Know? The Connected Universe does well by us by making science both entertaining and accessible.

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